Bert & May Kitchens

Unique Kitchens with Character

Bert & May have come together with local designers Red Deer to offer their broad range of unique tiles and salvaged timber, designed and crafted by architects to create coordinated or standalone kitchens to fit your needs. This collaboration offers a marriage of Bert & May's tactility and warmth with Red Deer's innovation and creative attention to detail whilst handing over the final design to you. Stop by the warehouse and pick from a range of antique tiles or reclaimed mill boards then watch it come to life at the Red Deer workshop down the road.


The Bert & May Kitchen frames are engineered to offer functionality, simplicity and especially flexibility. The modular system developed by Red Deer provides the option of having completely mobile units suitable for outdoor use with a variety of configurations, or a fully operational coordinated kitchen for your home. Just select your choice of tiles, taps, hobs and sinks from our standard modular frame and build your very own designed kitchen. You can even rearrange your kitchen after it's been built! The design ingenuity and materials' individuality are carried through to all elements of the working kitchen from the worktop right down to the hinges.  Choose from Bert & May's incredible library of rare materials enabling you to pick from various products within the Bert & May range or even design your own mosaic of tiles.


A shared love for character and originality has brought Bert & May together with Red Deer to make use of rare materials, used in an innovative way and built with local craftsmanship. A match made in material heaven and the marriage is one that strives to deliver beautiful, timeless and wondrous results but ultimately leaving the design to you. 

About Us

Red Deer is a herd of three architects, friends and designers - formed by Ciarán O'Brien, Lucas Che Tizard and Lionel Real de Azúa in an attempt to better engage with the world around them. A love for the unexpected forms a starting point in Red Deer's design work and studio ethos. Of French, American and Uruguayan background, Lionel's architectural career has largely been concerned with the profession's complex relationship with the arts. Lucas' interests predominantly lie in the evolving relationship of emerging technologies with both digital design processes and final built output. Investigations with three dimensional modelling, generative components and computational design methods are of particular interest. Ciarán O'Brien's research in architecture has focused predominantly on how industry, craftsmanship and the handmade mediums can inform, stimulate and invigorate the design process in an ever evolving digital age. All are also Masters in Architecture lecturers at Oxford Brookes University.


Please contact us on to discuss your requirements and finishes.  Alternatively call 0203 673 4264.  

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