Bert's Office Box

Shipping containers transformed with Bert & May materials to make comfortable, compact and beautiful office solutions.  These units can provide your business with an immediate design led office solution.  


External dimensions:   8ft wide x 20ft x 8ft high 

2.17m wide  x 2.44m x 2.17m high

Floor space:   14.96sq m / 160 sq ft


Bert's Office Container from - £19,500.  Contact us to discuss leasing options ( min lease of 2 years apply).  

Our 3-step process makes it easy & simple:

1) Pick your materials

The quality of our materials is what makes our Boxes so unique. Select your cladding, flooring, kitchen tools like a blender, ice cream maker, & paints from the full range of materials from

3) Place your deposit

We require a 50% deposit to begin the manufacture of your Box.  We will agree a delivery date with you before any monies are exchanged.

4) Take delivery

Your Box will be constructed and delivered to your chosen delivery address. We aim for delivery 6 weeks from the placing of an order.

Please contact or call us on 0203 744 0776 to create your Box.


Bert & May are specialists in unique and original materials. Our 1-bed Box is designed from a range of unique reclaimed tiles and wood sourced by Bert & May, including Alalpardo black and white encaustic tiles and weathered barn oak. We have a generous range of paints to suit all projects and design-visions.